LET’S TALK ABOUT REUSE - Results from the first reuse mapping study in Flanders

In the list of circular economy strategies, reuse is consistently ranked as one of the most circular strategies – higher than recycling. But while recycling is omnipresent in academic and industrial research, very little is known about the practice of reuse in any country. To fill that gap, the Circular Economy Policy Research Centre undertook a study on the size and the environmental and socio-economic impact of reuse in Flanders.

In this webinar, we will present detailed estimates of the amount of reuse channelled in Flanders and this for all categories of household consumer goods. The results will be used to feed the Flemish Circular Economy monitor by adding to a specific reuse indicator. Additionally, in the webinar, one product stream – textile – will be discussed in more detail. Furthermore, in a panel debate, the impact of reuse and its potential role in the future circular economy, both in Flanders and in general, will be discussed.



13.00 – 13.10  Welcome
Karel van Acker, KU Leuven, Circular Economy Policy Research Centre

13.10 – 13.40  Consumer participation in textile disposal practices — including reuse
Rozanne Henzen, Sustainable Transformation Lab, Antwerp Management School

13.40 – 14.30  Measuring reuse in Flanders: The first reuse mapping study
Joni Delanoeije & Kris Bachus, HIVA KU Leuven, Circular Economy Policy Research Centre

14.30 – 14.35  Break

14.35 – 16.00  Panel debate: The link between circular economy and reuse in Flanders
Patrick Van den Bossche (Agoria)
Joren Verschaeve (Herw!n)
Barbara Janssens (Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken)
Brigitte Mouligneau (
Circular Flanders/OVAM)

The central question of the panel debate is: Given what we know now, what are the next steps in enhancing circular reuse in Flanders? We will focus on the specific link between a broader circular economy (over countries and over parts in the chain: over production, consumption and disposal practices) and what we can do on a policy level in Flanders.

Presentation and moderation by Rishi Panchasara.

You can register for this webinar till October 5 (free of charge).




Date: Thursday 8 October 2020

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