Donald Chapman

(*Former) Researcher Circular Economy Policy Research Centre


To work towards a society that allows human freedom and dignity for all, and in harmony with the earth's precarious eco-system and environment.


Donald Chapman has a multidisciplinary background, completing degrees in Economics, Public Policy and Civil Engineering in his academic career. In 2016, after completing a part-time BSc in Economics from the LSE, Donald switched careers, moving from an engineering consultancy to go back to university full time. In 2017, Donald completed his MSc in Public Policy and Human Development at the United Nations University MERIT (Maastricht, NL). He wrote his Master's thesis on the Measurement of Eco-innovation, and contributed to the ""Maastricht Manual"", part of an EU project to guide practitioners involved in the measurement of eco-innovation. Donald's background means he has a wide range of academic interests, including life-cycle assessment, policy impact evaluation, ecological economics, innovation, and development economics.

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