Johan Eyckmans

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For me, circular economy is crucial to reduce environmental degradation, both locally (air, water, ...) and globally (climate change).


Johan Eyckmans studied economics at the University of Antwerp and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. In 1997 he obtained a Ph.D. from the faculty of economics and business of KU Leuven on the incentives of nations to form international environmental agreements. Since January 2004, Johan Eyckmans is working as professor in environmental economics at KU Leuven, campus Brussel. His research interests include the economics of climate change, economics of waste and materials, circular economy, integrated assessment modeling and evaluation of environmental policies. Regarding circular economy, Johan Eyckmans has written numerous articles in international peer reviewed journals and book chapters published by established publishing houses on the topic of waste, recycling, non-renewable resource management and economic modeling for circular economy. He participated in several research consortia (as partner and coordinator) on circular economy among others the Flemish Policy Research Center on Circular Economy.

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