Joni Delanoeije

(*Former) Researcher Circular Economy Policy Research Centre


Each day I am baffled by the current organization of civilized society which irreversibly spills resources while we have ingenious alternative design systems within reach.


After obtaining her PhD on new ways of working and employee wellbeing in 2019, Joni Delanoeije (MSc in Psychology, Doctor of Business Economics) extended studying human resources to other natural resources and started working as a policy researcher at the HIVA-KU Leuven Climate and Sustainable Development research group. As part of the CE Policy Research Center, she currently performs research on circular economy. In particular, she investigates the reuse of consumer goods in Flanders, related employment issues and interactions between actors in the reuse field (i.e. the private sector, De Kringwinkels and municipalities and intermunicipalities). Apart from circular economy, she is also interested in sustainable human-animal relationships and the link between resource efficiency and our current bonds with companion animals.

De publicaties van Joni Delanoeije