Kris Bachus

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After 20 years of waste-related research, it is time to shift the focus and move on to the circular economy!


Kris Bachus holds a masters degree in applied economics and labour science, a post-academic degree in environmental science and a PhD in social sciences.

He has been a climate and sustainable development research manager at HIVA since 2002. Waste and materials research is the common thread in his career: he has researched reuse, municipal waste policy, environmental and waste policy evaluation, economic environmental policy instruments for the circular economy, mineral resources policy and employment in the circular economy.

His expertise extends to a broad range of other subjects, from economic policy instruments (taxation, subsidies, emissions trading) and financing sustainability transitions to environmental policy evaluation, sustainable development governance and climate policy and finance. He is also an expert in Chinese environmental policy, local transitions, climate neutrality and adaptation policy.

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