Yoko Dams

Researcher CE Center



Yoko Dams has been working at VITO since 2011, and since 2015 she has immersed herself in the principles of the circular economy as a researcher and research team lead. She is responsible for drawing up and realizing the roadmap for data technology. After all, VITO believes that digitization and the circular economy reinforce each other. From that role she often takes on a coordinating role in projects. For example, she currently coordinates the VITO activities within the FWO project MICHELLE, which examines how the labor market will evolve due to the adoption of a more circular economy. She uses a macroeconomic modeling for this. She also manages the VITO team that is active in the SHAREPAIR project. For the EEA, she recently looked at some “new data streams” such as web scraping and browser fingerprints that allow measuring the circular economy. Yoko graduated from UCL in 2009 as an economist with an orientation in econometrics.

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