Maarten Christis



A more circular economy as a means to increase our well being and lower our footprint 


Maarten Christis is a member of the sustainable materials team at VITO using economic data models (input-output analysis), statistical methods and data science to generate evidence-based insights. Infographics support the communication of results. Also, he follows the EU-initiatives on indicator developments like the Raw Materials Scoreboard and the Circular Economy Monitoring Framework. In 2018 he finished his PhD at VITO in the unit sustainable materials. The PhD is part of the Flemish policy research centre sustainable materials management. The goal of the PhD is to both describe and analyse material flows on a macro-economic level in Flanders based on, amongst others, material flow analysis and physical input-output modelling. Maarten graduated as commercial engineer in technology, innovation, and environmental management in 2012 at Hasselt University.

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