Luc Alaerts

Manager/Researcher CE Center


Circular economy enables to bring the theme of living well within the planetary boundaries to a broad audience.


Luc Alaerts is Centre Manager of the Policy Research Centre Circular Economy funded by the Flemish government since the beginning of 2017. In this role Luc Alaerts is connected to KU Leuven as a postdoctoral researcher in which position he conducts research on the development of a circular economy monitor. He is team member of the operational team of Circular Flanders, a public-private cooperation between the Flemish government and diverse actors involved in the circular economy transition. Previously, he has been working in the chemical industry in the Netherlands as a process chemist in Fibrant and an R&D scientist at DSM. He graduated in 2004 as M.Sc. in Bio-engineering, division catalytic technology, and obtained a PhD degree in 2008 in this field, both at KU Leuven.

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