Tine Compernolle

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Closing the circle is… connecting firms in previously separated markets.


Tine Compernolle is an FWO post-doctoral researcher specialized in studies on investment decisions under uncertainty within an environmental economic context.

Research related to the project: current literature in green supply chain management mainly focuses on how to optimize existing supply chains of which the firms are operative in one single market. To create a circular economy, also interactions across different supply chains are necessary. With her background in real options analysis and investment under uncertainty, Tine now study how to optimize the coordination of different firms that are currently active in separate markets. More particularly, she studies how to optimze a coordinated investment in industrial symbiosis where the waste product of firm A can be used by firm B as a resource. Applied methodologies: real options theory and cooperative bargaining theory. Topics under study: industrial symbiosis and CO2-enhanced oil recovery.

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