Measuring circular reuse magnitude and replacement rate: a new method


J. Delanoeije, K. Bachus

This study proposes a novel methodology to calculate reuse and apply this to Flanders. We combine available data from the Flemish reuse network about its reselling of reusable goods with new survey data about disposal and acquisition behaviours of a representative sample of 1500 Flemish citizens. Using these data, we map the amount of reuse channelled through various exchange channels and calculate a reuse estimate (Total Reused Goods—TRG). In addition, we nuance its environmental impact through calculating its replacement rate. Our results reveal an important share of informal channels beyond formal channels. Moreover, a new estimate of 33.8kg reuse/capita is calculated for Flanders, which is 6.3 times higher than the current estimate of 5.4kg reuse/capita. Furthermore, only 28% of reusable goods prevent the acquisition of new goods. This new methodology is the first to calculate a comprehensive reuse measure which may form the basis for new regional reuse indicators.


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